make a wish with wishpaper

Tim Yu from Cool Hunting posted about Wishpaper, and I had to walk away from my computer to keep from immediately purchasing a pad. I’m one of those people who finds any excuse to make a wish. Fallen eyelash? Wish time. Found penny? Wish time. 11:11 on the clock? Wish time! With a whole pad of 100 paper wishbones at my disposal, there would be no stopping me! Each 4″x 5″ sheet has a 1″ cut at the bottom to start the tearing fairly. Like with a real wishbone, each person takes a side and pulls, and the larger half gets the wish. Pick up a pad over at Pardoxy products for just $5. –Erica P.

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Tiffany S.

This is one of those things that I kick myself for not thinking of first!

The idea is quaint. I hope people would use their halves practically, though, instead of being wasteful for the fun of tearing something in half.
My $.02


I was going to say the same thing that Julia said before I clicked over to these comments. There is no mention of recycled paper so I’m sure that someone will be up in arms …