look what we got: lollipop pottery mugs!

Forgive my recurring enthusiasm, but when I saw the Lollipop Pottery mugs in person at Click! this weekend, they were even better than I expected. We brought home two monster mugs, and we not only love how they look, but how they feel — a nice, thick handle and rounded rim. Even better was when Click! owner Frances Smersh pointed out what those monsters are yelling about. Want to see for yourself? Click the link! –Mary T.

That’s what. I love a monster who’s more frightened of spiders than I am! These could be great for Halloween, no? Buy Lollipop Pottery here.

P.S. Have a collection of your own you’d like to brag about? Enter our contest already!

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My birthday’s coming up and now I know what to ask for! Love those little monsters. Lollipop Pottery says at the website that the monsters were roughly inspired by their two and a half year-old daughter. I totally get it :)

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