post off: where do you buy photo prints online?

…on Snapfish or Shutterfly or SmugMug or Kodak Gallery? There are so many photo sharing and printing websites out there, how do you choose? Has anyone recognized a difference in quality from one site to the next? Do any of you have a site you swear by for purchasing snapshot prints? Are there sites that cost less if you buy in bulk? I’d love to print a bunch of pictures I have stored on my computer. Where should I start? –Erica P.

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When I order prints, I usually do it through Costco. I can order online and pick up at the store the same or next day. I’ve been doing it this way for years and have become as friendly with the people doing my prints as one could expect… I’m not sure if this gets me any special consideration, but I’ve NEVER had a problem. The prices are good and the convenience of same or next day pick up is awesome.

I tried out Snapfish, Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly to check quality, and was happiest with Shutterfly. They often have great specials, the quality is very good, and turnaround on normal sizes of photos is really fast. (You can even pick up 4×6 glossies at Target within an hour or so, though I’ve never done that because I love the matte finish.) I have gotten everything from photo books (cheap paperback little ones, lots of larger leather-covered bigger ones as wedding albums and travel albums) to 11×14 enlargements, all very good quality. And when my mother-in-law had some damage to the album I bought her, they replaced it quickly, no questions asked.

If you join now I think you get some sort of free prints deal, but there’s also a thing you can sign up for where you pay an annual fee and get cheaper prints? I’ve never bothered because there are always sales!

Shutterfly has been consistently good. I’ve used them for simple prints, photo cards, and even photobooks. And they often send coupons for free stuff, so that’s a great bonus.


I like Winkflash too which is not yet on your list but the most important factors I think are,
1. What have your family and friends shared from so you can pick some of their shots to print if you want.
2. Is there one that offers the option of local pickup in your area if you decide you need to get a print that day.
3. Do they have an easy bug-free interface for batch uploading on your computer platform.
4. Do they have limits on storage or time they keep your account active.


I’ve used Snapfish, Shutterfly and winkflash. I like shutterfly’s quality the best and they have tons of photo products. I also like Shutterfly’s user friendly website. They have bulk princing as well as print packages. All of my pictures “live” there, so when it comes time to buy photo gifts for family and friends, it’s really easy.

I guess I must be old-fashioned; I don’t buy my prints online. I usually take my SD card to my local mega grocery store (which has a photo shop in it), and I use the in-store kiosks to edit my pics and pic out the print sizes, etc. I find the kiosks do a really good job with simple edits, like cropping and increasing brightness. The prints are usually .15 or .20 cents, depending on the size and if there are any promotions going on, etc. I also opt for the two-day processing to save money.

I’ve used shutterfly and snapfish. I like shutterfly the best because it automatically prints the date the photos were taken on the backs of each, while others just print the dates the photos were printed. If you have 100s of photos, buy a bulk deal before you print, and wait for a free shipping sale. They also have partner offers through your airline miles programs. Also, digital photos are cropped funny, so you might want to place a separate order with just the few that have something important at the very top or very bottom and check the box that says you want the special digital size (which means you have to cut a white border off the sides later).


I use

10 cent prints, unlimited photo uploads and very easy. is the best website!


I’ve used all three and I absolutely LOVE the quality and ease of use of Shutterfly’s site. They also have the fastest shipping. I ordered prints and they were on my doorstep two days later. However, they are a little bit pricier, but worth every penny. I used to use Kodak a lot for our photobooks and holiday cards and Snapfish for prints but when I compared the quality to Shutterfly, there was no comparison. Also, if you’re printing larger prints, you should reseplace the different policies as I know some sites downsize your photos (ie, if you’re printing a large poster print, you will have pixel problems if they shrink the size of your photo)

Angela M.

We use Shutterfly for everything. Chad even uses it to print his professional portfolio. They are fast, cheap and the quality is great.

winkflash has worked very well for me. they have all the basic options, and from my past comparisons, the best prices too!

Amy C

Our wedding photographer (also a photojournalist) recommended Adorama. They are a bricks-and-mortar photography store in New York, and print very high quality photos.


I love Shutterfly. I have ordered prints and photobooks from them. I really like how they put the date and a brief description on the back of the picture, that way you know who/when was in the picture in 10 years from now. Lots of free offers, too.

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I have used many of the surviving photo printing websites for over 6 years. Shutterfly came out on top almost all the time while I was figuring out where to “land”. Great customer service, great product. Fantastic return policy and your pictures stay there indefinately until you decide to delete them. Give them a try!


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