five things we learned last week


1. Though there are a lot of good photo printing sites out there, one seems to have the most fans. Kate K Says: “I tried out Snapfish, Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly to check quality, and was happiest with Shutterfly. They often have great specials, the quality is very good, and turnaround on normal sizes of photos is really fast.” See what others are saying about online printing here.

2. Fall is a great time to rediscover some fruits. Maya writes: “Thanks for re-introducing me to the fig. I have had dried figs in the past but then forgot about them.” Get Erica’s recipe for a fresh fig and almond crostata.

3. This “Table of Continents” leaves something to be desired. DJ Says: “I am just the type of person who would try to set a cup of coffee on this table and miss the solid part, sending the hot, black liquid crashing onto the carpet. Oops! Missed Australia by a nautical mile.” See this strangely appealing table here.

4. Mary’s not the only one enchanted by lollipop mugs. Gypsy says: “My birthday’s coming up and now I know what to ask for! Love those little monsters. Lollipop Pottery says at the website that the monsters were roughly inspired by their two and a half year-old daughter. I totally get it :) .” See this whimsical pottery here.

5. Joy is wondering what happened to She writes: I’ve purchased from the site many times and the link no longer connects. Another casualty?!?” Click here to leave her a clue, or to see more ideas for modern lampshades.

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