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A couple of weeks ago we asked if you were worried about the price of your home. Most said no, that you were hunkering down to ride out these scary financial times. But for those of you who are considering putting your place on the market (like I am!), you’ll want to see this handy slide show at It’s the secrets of a house stager, from Debra Gould, a self-proclaimed Staging Diva. Though a lot of seems to be common sense to me (clear clutter, remove personal effects), some of her advice is really useful, like how to make the most of an unused space. Debra’s fees average between $2500 to $5000, so reading this article may not only help you sell your place, it could save you some big bucks, too. Bonus! — Angela M.

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I’m convinced that the effort we put into staging our home (even as we were living in it) were key to getting an offer well above asking price, at a time when the market was just starting to soften. Heed those suggestions–they can only help!

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[…] the market was just starting to soften. Heed those suggestions — they can only help!” Click here to see a some staging […]


It’s hard to imagine that packing up excess belongings and giving the house a good thorough cleaning could be anything but helpful.

And any other nice touches would just be a bonus.

staging your house is helpful, and will certainly give you an slight edge over the competition, but in today’s market, nothing is selling. and won’t for a long time. the key to selling your house is time, location/pricing, and more time. so finish up those home projects and keep your house neat, but don’t go overboard investing time and energy into staging and open houses. because all the staging in the world won’t get a buyer financing.

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