five things we learned last week


1. The debate between small places in the big city and big spaces in the ‘burbs rages on.
While some readers like Allison say, “Having space is priceless,” others like Tiffany see the other side of the coin: “We missed everything the city had to offer on the weekends.” Got an opinion on the subject? Please weigh in here!

2. You believe in the power of real estate “stagers.” Meesha wrote: “I’m convinced that the effort we put into staging our home (even as we were living in it) were key to getting an offer well above asking price, at a time when the market was just starting to soften. Heed those suggestions — they can only help!” Click here to see a some staging tips!

3. Looking for affordable office furniture? Try a commercial outlet. PlantingOaks advises: “Look for places nearby that re-sell used commercial office furniture. We found my husband’s desk chair at a place like that because we were disappointed with the quality available at home office stores, and it was a good choice. There’s a lot of junk in places like that, but also some very high quality and surprisingly stylish (and comfortable) options.” Click here here for more office-ware suggestions.

4. Ask for a chocolate-peanut bar recipe, and ye shall receive! Amanda offers one: “This recipe, courtesy of my sister-in-law, is heavenly.” Click here to see hers, and a few others!

5. These crocheted LPs are inspiring our indie spirits!
Kat indeepknit gushed: “These are so flippin’ cute! I need to make one for my LP-collecting bro for Christmas.” See the cuteness she’s talking about here.

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Ever since I pulled out that recipe, I’ve been craving those bars. I might have to make some now too!