help! what sort of rug does this room need?

Even though we’re in more of get-rid-of rather than buying- stuff mode, there is one thing I’d like to get before the weather gets any more chilly. A rug for our Catskill cottage. The wood floor is nice, but a little too cold when winter hits, and too hard for Isadora’s exploring kneepads. But I’m totally stumped about what kind to get. As you can see in the above photo, there’s not a lot of color in the room right now, except for the chairs we reupholstered in a deep red pattern. I’m thinking a braided round or oval rug would be nice, if I could find the right palette. Or maybe a solid color would be best? It’d be easy to do a natural toned wool, but that’d be a it boring. What do you think? Chartreuse? Teal? Buttery yellow? Help! — Angela M.

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