post off: what do you buy too many of?

We’ve already admitted to some of our retail weaknesses (squirrels) though we can assure that we have more that are not nearly as cute (binder clips, flip flops, periodicals of all kinds). Our Show Us Your Collections last week turned up this entry (above) from Alexia: “Here is my shelf of journals waiting to be used.” Needless to say, we instantly related (I for one, have nine unused journals standing by, just in case proliferation strikes). That led us to beg the question of you: What do you buy too many of? In these money-belt tightening times, perhaps our public consumption confessions will do us all some good! — Angela M.

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Makeup and shoes.


Magazines – from home decorating to fitness to children to make-up and hair. It’s like a compulsion. The moment I walk into a store, I check out the racks to find the newest ones and pick at least one out.


Same as Kelly–it’s magazines, all different kinds

Honestly, chairs. Unfortunately when I really started focusing on making my place a home, I started picking up chairs-from other people, on the side of the road, etc. Now I have a general focus for the look of my place, and I have started editing and giving away the chairs that are no longer a good fit.


Journals on sale, pens (not that I buy them because I realized that every time I turn around someone is always giving me a free pen as a promotion and some of them actually write very well), shoes on sale, magazines (I just can’t bring myself to throw them out, ever). I also have an entire drawer full of twisties, rubber bands, and cardboard toilet paper tubes for storing and coralling electrical cords and other things. None of these things were worth submitting to the post last week!

Books. Can a person ever have too many books? Well I have more books than shelves to put them on.

Mary T

For us it’s chairs too! We used to call our house the Chair Museum because both my husband and I couldn’t resist bringing home every cool chair we spotted at a thrift store or antique fair, no matter how much work it needed or how many we already had. Our last move, friends ended up setting out all of our chairs in the carport to put in the van, and everyone began to laugh. It looked like a movie theatre!

Craft supplies! I always making something new so that mean buying new stuff. My craft corner is a mess. I’m fixing it up as my project for Apartment Therapy’s the Fall Cure.


Books. I do get an awful lot from the public library, but sometimes the waiting list can be very long and I get impatient… next thing I know, I’ve bought another book.


Cookbooks and kitchen gadgets… We just moved from MI to PA and the move and putting all that stuff in boxes put me on a cookbook-buying vacation for a while….But we eat wonderfully!!!!


yarn and yarn books. Never enough time to knit or look at wonderful sweaters.


Yarn AND books. I need to start a shelf collection :)


you can never have too many journals!!! especially those cool little moleskin ones!


too many black picture frames. I decided that I needed to get my various pieces of wall artwork into frames. There is a Goodwill at the corner where my bus stops. Virtually every time I came home from anywhere, I came home with a black picture frame. When I realised that I have two cartons full of picture frames, I decided I’d better stop. Even now, I find myself magnetically attracted to the picture frame zone…

Aubrey Miller

Canned Foods. I think they get lost in the cupboard and forget what I have, so I just keep buying more and more! Thankfully, I’m always prepared to donate when the Can Food Drives come around!!

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Sara, Atlanta GA

Kitchen bowls & totes! My husband has given up trying to understand. I do not get it myself.

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