cleaners you can count on at 2 a.m.

I’m always a sucker for new trying new cleaners, especially eco-friendly ones in pretty packaging. (Hmm… That’s something else I buy too many of!) This group of Better Life goods at over at has me looking for things to scrub. Each is made without solvents, silicones, VOCs, ethoxylates, petroleum–based ingredients, or harsh surfactants. And they make everything smell subtly fresh and just perfectly… clean! I am in love with the The Kitchen Sink Gentle Scrubber — to get the tub sparkling before Isadora’s bath — and the 2am Miracle, which is specifically designed for nurseries, but provides a non-toxic wipe down on any surface. We’re keeping a bottle with an arms’ reach of the highchair for sudden slings of mush! Better life cleaners, $7.50 each at — Angela M.

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