site we’re psyched about: judy of the woods

Interested in foraging for edible plants? Making your own hydraulic ram pump? Crafting a binder out of milk jugs and cereal boxes? Building a solar tower? Judy of the Woods is the place. Judy is a proponent of permaculture, a method of designing sustainable systems. Her site is devoted to finding ingenious solutions to tough problems and getting organized while using as few resources as possible. “I am not a sucker for punishment, and don’t really like to work harder than necessary, nor do I like to spend more than I need,” she writes, “and I like to do things in a sustainable way. So, the solutions on this site will often save work in the long run (or be labor saving hacks in themselves), be either free, low cost or affordable, and be as environmentally friendly as possible.” And they’ll definitely be inspiring. Visit Judy of the Woods here.

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