five things we learned last week


1. A painted door really adds hallway appeal! Eve wrote: “I painted my front door red and the door to my office yellow, it ads nice pops of color.” Click here to see another colorful door.

2. When it comes to food, what’s gross for one could be a treat to another. As Tiffany responded to Mary’s dislike of Kobe beef: “Kobe beef may be immobilized but they’re also fed beer and massaged daily so sign me up! Plus it’s delicious! But I’ll eat yours!” Click here to read more foodie confessions and share your own.

3. We love our cats, but are still looking for ways to hide the cat litter. Maureen suggests this one at Big Fat Kitty Cat. “It is $190 and would be the perfect solution for me, as our small house doesn’t have a really discreet spot for the litter box, but $200 is just too pricey for me!” Click here for more cat litter box suggestions.

4. When it comes to decor, objects of death leave us cold. Tasha wrote: “A lamp resembling an object used for death? No, thank you. Next they’ll be making one that looks like an electric chair.” Click here for a peek at the noose lamp.

5. Sometimes we don’t really appreciate our homes, until we try to sell them.
Tiffany wrote: “Our house in the Hudson Valley never looked as good as the month we sold it. The country just wasn’t for me. Now we have the perfect blend of city and suburbs in Seattle. Guess I needed a whole other state!” Take a peek at some staging tips here.

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I, for one, enjoyed the noose lamp.


We made a litter box just like the one in #3, but at a more reasonable price. We bought an inexpensive toy chest/bench from Amazon (around $90) and just cut a hole in one side. I like the two offset dividers of the one mentioned, but ours is working just fine!