my ebay find: vintage world map

The other week Leah did a post on some amazing antique Paris maps available on eBay. Well, we had been looking for a vintage world map for our living room. The space over our couch had been empty for too long, so we finally decided to commit on some educational wall art. We scored this lovely number for about $60. Best of all, it came with a bar to hang on, so mounting was easy. Do a seplace for vintage school map and see what you can find! — Angela M.

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Super duper cool!

Mary T

The cat’s all, “I can has history lesson?”

I like it. I have often thought of papering my home office with ski trail maps from our favorite places to ski… but I thought it may become too difficult to work as I may be distracted and only think about skiing.
It could happen!


That is awesome. One of the shelter magazines showed a roll-up map like that used as a retractable cover for a kitchen pass-through, which was fifteen kinds of genius.

That looks fantastic! I can’t believe the whole thing was only $60.

About 7 years ago, I got a vintagepull-down school map of the US on ebay for a mere $8 (maybe 8 more for shipping). We have it in the family room- I love it – everyone always comments on it. We’re always referring to it when different cities are mentioned. :) Would love to get another someday of different countries..

It looks fantastic! I love old maps. They make such a great impact for so little money. I scored one for $5 a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately mine doesn’t have a hanging bar with it so I’ll have to get creative when I finally get around to putting it up.

laura k

This question isn’t exactly on point but I am wondering how selling your apartment is going.
I also have an apartment on the market in NYC and have found it slow so far.
I have not staged it so I am curious to see if that is something vital in this market the problem is I have already moved out so I would have to rent furniture, is it worth it?

Angela M.

Hi Laura K… We’re just getting started w/ our apt sale. We had lots of traffic at our open house last wknd, but no bids yet. It’s stressful, though, isn’t it? Good luck with yours!

I like how it’s a classroom style map complete with handle.

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Can I ask what your map is called? The colors are perfect- I’ve been having a hard time finding the colors I want in a map.


LOVE THIS!!! No blog yet but love the creative side of lookin ONE DAY!!!

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