plan a visit to wright’s famous oak park houses

Is the economic downturn putting a damper on your travel plans? How ’bout going to visit a domestic treasure that’s within reach. It’s a tour of some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing private homes in Oak Park, Il. The housewalk is planned for the weekend of May 16th. Tickets are $95 and will give you entry to eleven structures, including four new homes never before seen by the public highlight the Wright Plus 2009 collection. It’s the ultimate trip for Shelter junkies like us. Maybe we’ll see you there! Visit for more information.

Photo by James Caulfield courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

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I may just have to sign up for this! How pathetic that I’ve lived in Chicago for 4 years and have never visited Oak Park… :S

I went to HS in oak park. woowoo. This is a good time to go to the studio as the gingko doesn’t smell like crap! OP is pretty in winter though Petersen’s ice cream is not quite as appealing. The public library is also a really cool building and it’s right across the street from Unity Temple. Unity costs money to tour, but is free if you attend a service!


How did I miss this? I live in Oak Park – it’s beautiful! Don’t forget to see Pleasant Home, a mansion designed by George W. Maher. The Conservatory is also a lovely building. Just driving or walking the streets, you can see amazing Painted Lady style homes and Prairie school homes. Even the apartment buildings are spectacular – the one I live in was built in 1916 and still retains many of the original features inside and even more outside, right down to the original red tile “roof” on the building’s facade.