now that's a cool halloween balloon

I’m not really a balloon person — they usually seem like unnecessary waste to me (call me spoilsport). But even I was drawn to these balloons I just saw at my local grocery. Is it just me, or are designs a lot cooler this year? Some bloodshot eyeball balloons were grouped in the store looking very creepy; they’d make a great backdrop for a party, bobbing around. The eyeball martini glass was fun, too. And I love the look of Day of the Dead sugar skulls, even printed on mylar. –Mary T.

P.S. If, like me, you don’t like throwing away balloons when the party’s over, check out this how-to on re-used balloon art at Cut Out + Keep.

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That re-used balloon art is amazingly insane!


nice links. I used to keep all of my mylars they formed a border around the top of my room when I was little. I think I might still have She-Ra princess of power somewhere.