vino tagz: wine tags redesigned

I find wine tags as gifts a bit played (then again, we rarely host parties where actual stemware is involved) but I found myself really liking these Vino Tagz when I saw them in person at Click! Designer Modern-Twist really crammed as much use as they could into this little product: the tidy silicone tags look great and have a nice feel. The Vino Tagz box fits over the neck of a wine bottle for an instant companion gift. They can be personalized with a ballpoint pen and rubbed clean for reuse. And Vino Tagz can be used as modern napkin rings, too. Buy them in basic colors or in a variety of printed designs for between $12 and $14 at Click!, Velocity, and many other places online. –Mary T.

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Tiffany S.

I lurve these! They have them at Clover House too!