seplaceing for the perfect gift tags

This holiday season, I’m hoping to give homemade food items. I’d like to purchase some pretty little gift tags that I can use in lieu of writing out long holiday cards. I’ve started my seplace on Etsy, and I can’t believe how many options I have. I’d prefer to find a more neutral design (not too holiday-themed) so I can make use of any leftover tags throughout the rest of the year. Right now I’m leaning toward this set of 24 tags with vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations by John Tenniel. Who doesn’t love Alice?! Seller Time2Cre8 clearly does. –Erica P.

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Wow, how exciting to find this post about my Alice in Wonderland tags! I really love the Sir John Tenniel illustrations, and I’m always making things from them — I have a whole collection of tags and cards, and I’ve done loads of custom items for people.

Since this was such a nice surprise, I’ll give a 10% discount on any of the stationery items in my Etsy shop if you mention you saw my tags here.

Happy Holidays!

I love seplaceing for holiday tags on etsy. its my favorite pastime!
two of my fav sellers so far:

my art-ing and crafting partner makes lovely gift tags from her mother’s original scissor cut designs. please do take a look at i think you might like them.