holidays, blogs and money: what’s your take?

A friend sent me an article on the recent boom in online coupon use. I haven’t gone out of my way to find coupons, but we are spending less on the holidays this year. Which brings me to a jumble of questions: How are you approaching the holidays, spending-wise? If you’re cutting back, have you been affected by the economy directly (a job loss, a pay cut) or is it simply because you feel it’s wise to be prudent? And that being said, what’s your take on design and decor blogs when things are looking, well, a little grim? I mean, it’s not as if anyone here at Shelterrific is going to be purchasing $70,000 tables, downturn or no downturn, but are you visiting your favorite blogs these days hoping for useful tips on stretching your decor dollar, or looking for a little escapism? No matter what your answer, we’re always glad you’re here! –Mary T.

Image of savvy coupon shopper Tavon Ferguson via The New York Times

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Even in tremendous, wonderful economic times I wouldn’t be able to purchase most of the items I see on design blogs.

I just like looking at them and feel that they can inspire me at home, without splashing out for a $70,000 table or $8,000 lamp.

Right now, my expenditures would be limited to time and effort (re-arranging furniture, decluttering, etc.) Anything that doesn’t cost me money.

I’ve cut way back. I’ve overextended myself this year, and have some plans for 2009 calling for a small reserve of cash. I haven’t lost my job (yet), but for a change I am erring on the side of caution.