help! we need a big — but stylish! — wall calendar

This question came in from our reader Diane. Can you help her?

Our family uses one large At-A-Glance hanging wall calender, sized 23 inches tall and 16 inches wide, to keep track of all of our schedules. It works great, but it hangs in on a wall in our entryway, ugly as can be. Functional, but ugly.

Can anyone recommend some stylish, month-by-month calendars of a similar size? We need a calendar of this size because the schedules are for four people. All the calendars I find at the book stores are much too small. Thank you! — Diane

From our partners

I also need a functional calendar – and have yet to find one as stylish as I would really like. But this is the best I have found. Functional, without being too annoying to look at…

Its called the Big Letters Big Numbers Calendar:


try etsy!

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I really like the three-month version available from the New York Times. It’s pretty simple but I’ve grown to love it over the years: