seplaceing for the perfect flatware

I hate my current flatware. I found several boxes of it in the basement of my parents’ house before I went away to college and have lived with it ever since. The spoons have been known to bend in a fresh-from-the-freezer pint of ice cream, and the sharp corners of my forks and knives have never felt right in my hands. I’m not in a place to spend a boatload on a designer set, but I think with all the sales in home stores right now, I might find a great deal on a set of replacements. Currently in the lead is this modern Luna Flatware set from Pottery Barn. I would only need the five-piece place setting. (Just $45!) Does anyone own the Luna set? It’s only sold on the internet, so I’d love to get some insider info before committing to the purchase. –Erica P.

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Don’t forget about vintage. Auctions and estate sales often have complete sets in great condition. I stumbled on some mid-century stainless at an estate sale that I love. Long and slender with a nice weight. Check out ebay, too.

Mary T

FWIW, we have the Luna set and really like it — they have a good weight and feel good in your hand. Not sure I’d really scoop ice cream with any of my spoons, though — that’s what the scoop is for. ; )


I recently got hitched, and we registered for Kate Spade’s Malmo, which is very similar-looking. Love the weight and the quality and the clean lines, but it ain’t cheap.

(If the link doesn’t work, just seplace for Malmo on


have you looked at the Oona pattern from crate & barrel? it is very similar and cheaper ($28.95) and i’ve seen it in store.


I’d be careful buying over the internet unless you’ve seen and handled the pieces in person. The trend for awhile was for everything to be oversized. The soup spoons were almost like serving spoons – too big for most people to use comfortably. Hopefully that has passed and we’ve gotten back to normal sized eating utensils. I don’t have any comments about this pattern but my advise is don’t settle. It’s worth the wait to have the perfect flatware.

I have Luna and love it. It’s not our “everyday” flatware but it will be eventually. It’s a style with real staying power too. We bought it at least three years ago.

You really should hold it in your hands before you buy.

James Roche

One weird thing we overlooked when choosing flatware for our wedding registry is how it feels in your mouth. Specifically, the stuff we chose (from Crate/Barrel, doesn’t look like they stock it any more) has really deep spoons that are totally not pleasing to the mouth. To get your lip across the bottom of the spoon’s depth, you practically have to ride the lip of the spoon with your teeth. If you’ve never experienced what I describe, you’re lucky.

How weird would it be to bring a bunch of sanitizer wet-naps to a store and try out flatware in your mouth? I wish I had. We can’t really feed our baby with the spoons we have because his mouth doesn’t even go there.

We got Oona from Crate and Barrel. I love the look and feel but didn’t think how they would stack on top of each other.
The handles are a bit rounded.
In the future I think I’ll get something a bit more flat handled.

Not a suggestion so much, as it doesn’t look anything like what you’re looking at, but more like a reminiscence….

Years ago while I was still in college, my uncle bought me a 4-set of flatware that had been on my Christmas wishlist: Gourmet Settings “Carry On” in brushed satin. It was the holy grail of flatware to me – I liked it so much, and it was so appropriately minimal and capable of being dressed up or down, that I’ve been adding to it as I go and now have a place setting for 16. It’s my day to day place setting and my holiday place setting and my dinner party place setting….and somehow the fact that I love my flatware so much elevates every meal I eat with it. I love that! Makes it worth the money (which was a lot, to a kid just starting out).

Target and Amazon both stop carrying it and/or sell out at times, which always inspires fears that it’s been discontinued, but I found you can buy from GS directly on their website, which is lovely if you get a hankering for one of the designs that’s hard to find.

Can’t speak for the other GS designs, of course. But when you find something you love, buy it!!

Link to go with previous comment.

Finding out X years later that a you adore actually got awards when it came out makes you feel like you have unwitting good taste. :D


I have Oona and really like it. I went to C&B a few years ago. When trying to decide on a first real set of flatware for a gay boy, the friendly guy working there suggested in a hushed voice that I pick the 2-3 sets that I like best, buy one place setting of each, take them home and give them a full workout, and then return the sets I don’t want. Took his advice, really like Oona.

If you’re not going to take them home, at least paw them in the shop instead of looking over the net.

Alex Myers

Did you already make your purchase? I adore my set from Henckels, even though they seemed like a fuddyduddy brand when I looked for new silverware.

They are evenly balanced, have a good hand-feel, and never bother me with sharp pointy bits.

If the link breaks, it’s the “Cottage” line.