celebrity spice (and shampoos and sauces)

Seattle artist Rakka specializes in “artstuffs with a sell-by date,” making her celebrity portraits using not paint or pencils but household items like mayonnaise and strawberry shampoo. The name of the subject of each portrait informs her choice of materials, so Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, above, is known as “frodolce de leche.” Likewise, “pamuel clemens” is made from Pam cooking spray with flour, Audrey Hepburn is captured as “funny facial scrub,” and you can probably guess what Ann Curry is made of. Working with such perishable supplies does have a downside — the art doesn’t have much of a shelf life. Luckily, Rakka photographs her works and is now selling them as cards on Etsy. Be sure to check out the Britney Spears made from Cheetos. –Mary T.

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