giveaway: need a paint job? win a color-helper!

New year, new resolutions, new paint — new giveaway! Our friends at Color-Helper have generously donated FIVE Color-Helpers (a value of $189 each) for us to award to five lucky Shelterrific readers. What’s a Color-Helper? A nifty device that lets you scan in colors you love from almost anything — a wall, a magazine, a favorite pillow — then provides you with complementary paint colors in a range of spectrums. You get the actual paint brand names and numbers, so you can march straight to the hardware store knowing you’ll get a color that works. And so you can keep track of your color options, the Color-Helper also comes with hardware that lets you upload color data to your computer. Mary T has one herself, and has found it fun, easy, and incredibly useful!

Here’s how to enter:

Want to win a Color-Helper? Show us how badly you need one! That’s right, we want photos. Horrible wallpaper? Clashing paint colors? A case of the blands? Take a photo of your room that needs color help, and email jpegs to “mary at shelterrific dot com” (NOTE: Please put “Color-Helper” in the subject line) by Friday, January 30. Not only will the five best of the worst win a Color-Helper, we’ll feature your “after” story in an upcoming Shelterrific post. You’ll be famous! (Okay, not really — but you will be to us.) Learn more about the Color-Helper here, and then get entering today!

Top photo by Jenny Kennedy-Olsen.

From our partners

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one so bad!! I have no color sense whatsoever and I love crafts. Please help me.

Mary T

Take photos, Tallulah, and email to the address in the post! : )

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Jessica L.

Oh, I am off to take a picture of my bedroom. You others won’t stand a chance lol once you see the unfortunate sponging experiment gone wrong on my bedroom walls!!

Yay! Great invention!


Wow. I could use this for so many projects..

Erik B

This looks cool. I stand a good chance if I can take a picture that manages to capture exactly how TOOMUCHORANGE my living room is.


How many: a) times can we enter? b) pictures we can upload on one email? c) awful, paint-peeling, previously-dwelled-in-by-chain-smoker browned, abandoned-by-tenant-mid-wallpaper-removal then covered-with-decades-old-tablecloth, haven’t-been-painted-since-1962, in-need-of-some-serious-color-love rooms can one person legally have in a house? (That last one I know the answer to; it’s, um, about twelve, give or take a hallway.)


Whoops! Can the Color-Helper fix the spacing problems in the above post?


so to win this it is required to paint that room? I’d like to win but I don’t have the cash now to paint hoping to save up for a summer project but could still use this.

Mary T

Everyone: We will work on some official entry rules; that’s a bit overdue here. But for now:

Heta: One entry per person, please.

I haven’t had a problem opening any emails with photos attached yet; my in-box can handle a fairly large amount. I would say to limit it to five photos just to keep us sane, however. : )

Jill: We are consulting at Shelterrific International HQ and will have answers soon.