d.i.y. catshelf cubby

Recently my old man cat found an empty bottom shelf in our kitchen and made it his own. In his younger days, he may have been tempted by this cozy looking bookshelf cubby space. I spotted it on moderncat, which has all sorts of appealing catware. All you need to is a little curtain on a rod and a soft blanket to attract them. These two fellas, Ben and Stu seem to be loving theirs. Would your felines rest on a shelf like that? — Angela M.

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My felines only tend to rest on newspapers I am reading, surfaces that have just been painted or the floor surrounding their food bowl.

Sarah P.

I have 2 cats and I have a cubby bookcase like this and whenever I take a box out of one of the cubby’s one of my two cats is inside scoping it out. Cats are funny.

Also agree with Alex that they always want to sit on any item of paper I have in front of me.

ooh! I just installed a new bookcase and immediately my cat curled up on the bottom shelf. So, yes. Mine would love a curtain to make it even cozier.

And yes, my cat also does the thing where he sits on whatever paper I happen to need at the moment.

I recently acquired an old china cabinet from my grandmother and was in the process of decorating the shelf above it (the top of the furniture). I had a few things up there including an empty crate turned on its side. I ran to the store and came back about 20 min. later and my cat had [somehow] found that crate and set up camp inside and was fast asleep! To this day, I have no idea how she managed to get up that high, but now she often gets up there and scoots the pot in there aside to nap.

I’m sure if I had this bookcase setup, she’d be all over it!!

Cats are funny!