help! i need a mirrored bedside table

Samantha wrote in with this question: Do you have any suggestions for finding mirrored bedside table with etching or some sort of provincial French flair?

We know we’ve seen something like this recently, but the only thing that immediately pops into mind is this parked mirror table from Pottery Barn. Help us help Samantha — leave your suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

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Design Sponge did a round up of side tables a few days ago with many mirrored options.

Erica P.

I don’t know if they still carry the line, but Pier 1 did a set of mirrored furniture last year. Much more affordable than many of the other mirrored items out there.


Pier 1 does still carry the mirrored furniture — I, of course, bought my mirrored nightstands last year at full price. But, they now have them listed for $199 on their website –

I LOVE these tables. They look a lot better in person than on their website. I wish the drawer was a tad larger, but I have been really impressed with how nice they look and how well they have held up – no scratches or dings on the finish after almost a year of use. They are a great deal.


I know the Pier 1 nearest me is closing – I think they are closing some of the less profitable stores. So check to see if one in your area is closing to see if they have any deals!

Last year I bought mirror side tables from Target. They don’t have any etching on them, but very cute and a good price!

I’ve seen another style in-store just couldn’t find online. Good luck!

I also bought a mirrored table from target, very simple, round; but I think that Wisteria (catalog) has some nice mirrored furniture also.

I also have mini bedside table with a draw,mine’s orange and wood

I recently did a post called Whimsical Accent Tables on my blog, (MODERnestS) wich incudes two fabulous and affordable mirror side tables from Target.

Check it out at
Post can be found under topic: Trends

I’m looking for a mirrored dresser, so this is all very helpful. I love this look. So glamorous.

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[…] they now have them listed for $199 on their website. I LOVE these tables.” Click here to see more affordable suggestions from our […]

I found a ton of mirrored furniture at Glam Furniture. They have a good selection. They sell the same mirrored furniture that Horchow and Neiman Marcus carry. I bought the Borghese Mirrored Nightstand and Mirrored Armoire. I love them!


Hi there, they have a quite a selection of contemporary mirrored furniture at Dooleys Furniture, including a mirrored dressing table and mirrored drawers, they are the best that i have found, the price is very good and they are helpful too, i have recommended them to friends who are all very happy with them. We recently bought 3 more of the mirrored bedside that they have for our living room as lamp tables, they look stunning with our new leather sofa and fur rug :)


The mirrored chest on Extreme Makeover Home Edition tonight was from Glam Furniture. The chest was so gorgeous. It was the focal point in the bedroom of the oldest teenager. The Powells were such a deserving family. The mother and her children are amazing. Very touching!


Glam Furniture added some new styles of mirrored desks and mirrored nightstands recently. The mirrored desk is to die for!