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Moustaches are the trendy thing right now, and I’d rather see them on walls than on faces. (I can’t help it; I already lived through the ’70s once.) Here are a few handy and amusing moustache items that brought a smile to my face. –Mary T.

Rebecca Ann Rakstad, AKA Etsy seller rarrapress, has many letterpress-printed moustache designs, including the admonishing poster above, $15.

This one’s functional and even a bit green: the gloss black mustache key hook, $45, by Etsy seller benfloeter is made with reclaimed wood. And if you prefer things a bit more schmancy, go for gold.

Need a drink? Try the mustache pint glass from Bread and Badger, $15, or have a spot of tea in a vintage cup and saucer screenprinted by surayasajnani, $12.

You can share your love for the moustache or moustache-wearer with a card from MichelleAlynn, $3.25. Or simply admire your own reflection in Choe and Tomlinson’s Mustache Self-Portrait Mirror, $35.

If you prefer your moustaches cuter and cuddlier, try Son of Moustachio, $18, from Shawnimals. A moustache wearing a moustache — why not? If he’s too rich for your blood, perhaps a Pocket Stache, $7, will do.

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Gosh, I hate the way moustaches look on men. I too have traumatic memories of the 70s.


They do however look fa-reeaking hot on the ladies. (Yes I’m a lesbian.)

Vanessa Vandersande

The french have a saying that translates to a kiss without a moustache is like eggs without salt. I have to agree, actually. :)

Yup, staches are the new owls! I have a little collection going myself. I hear you on appreciating them off-face more than on!

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