strangely appealing: dexter chair

I spotted this $5,000 armchair in the new MetHome magazine. It’s the Dexter Chair by Amy Lau. It was created for a special Showtime Showhouse in honor of the deliciously creepy show, Dexter. Now, I’m all for macabre household items, so this fancy dining chair with an embroidered blood splash does make me smile. I especially like the “soaked through” back. In a fantasy world with money to spare? Yeah, I’d buy one and use it for our most honored guests. Take a closer look at — Angela M.

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I’m all for a sense of humor in design and I like the occasional macabre item (like the forks linked to in the post), but this chair would never make it into my home. It’s more along the lines of the previously posted noose lamp — a little too close to reality to be funny.


Well, no $5,000 armchair would make it into my home, but especially not that one.


I, too, can’t and probably wouldn’t pay that much for a chair… but I do like it! It’s just twisted enough for me. (I like the soaked through back too, nice touch).

Kathy LaGrassa

I have collected and refurbished chairs forever just for myself, family and friends. This chair is absolutely great. It’s fun no question. If I had the money I would own it. Innovative. Well done.