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not so sad considering it Domino was dicey at best the last few months. The shelter-centric blogoshpere is decourning (decor+mourning) however; I keep reminding myself that from the loss of Budget Living I discovered shelteriffic!

i’m much more worried about the thousands of people losing their jobs in actually relevant areas of the economy..

however. one thought: the readership commenting about this shut-down online are the ones who called it “accessible”… (as i did)- does the greater potential readership (ie non Domino readers) want to look at things MORE inaccessible- so as to fulfill a greater psychological outlet in their lives?

I might cry real tears. I love domino. Maybe try to go online only?


Wow, I just renewed my subscription. I also used to subscribe to Budget Living (loved it) and Blueprint (loved it not). Oh well.


I just got my subscription thing in the mail yesterday, I went on the site, paid for 2 years, then went to msnbc where this story was posted. d’oh! Oh well. Maybe they can use my money to start up again someday.

Tiffany S.

I hadn’t renewed but really think they sould return subscriber’s money or send them something else (what’s left?). We had this discussion after the demise of Cottage Living which I will miss much more.

It’s really not ok that they keep subscriber’s money.

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Sam M

Magazines are dropping right and left it seems. I am a confirmed Magazine aficianado. I loved Domino. I am older than would be expected for feeling so disappointed. Actually the majority of the shelter magazines have become too stodgy for my taste. I sent my copies to my 80+ girlfreind and she was already to sign up for a subscription. The darn magazine was just a real winner. It spoke to a new age of design not the same old been there, done that look. this publisher doesn’t realize that our country has undergone more than a change in leadership. (no more $2500.00 handbags that look like booster bags!) I miss Domino. Domino spoke to me and Marian too.


I loooooooooved Domino. I AM crying real tears. This is just Awful.


I have been getting Domino since it’s first production (I was lured in because I was a Lucky subscriber), and today I received my little white card in the mail telling me that it was no longer going to be published! I am sick to my stomach! This magazine was one of my favorite shelter publications, and since I first started receiving it, was my inspiration for changing careers to become an interior designer. Now, I am a successful designer in CA (yes, that’s right we are busy, and PEOPLE are BUYING things for their homes!) But, I just can’t believe that due to our weak economy, they are going to just cease production of this wonderful magazine! Can’t the company find other ways of cutting costs? Maybe with a little help from my friends, we will start a “Domino” inspired magazine company! I loved the unique layout and articles of this publication from the “editor’s cravings” to “scouting” and “destinations”, not to mention my favorite, “renovator’s notebook”. This magazine had everything a person could want in a shelter publication–interior design, shopping, entertaining, travel, green living–and I loved that the pictures of interiors was realistic! I am so sad to see it go, and I do hope they reconsider! I guess this is a sign of the times….And NO I do not want to replace it with Glamour!!

j farian

Yes, I too was sorely disappointed to have learned Domino was closing its pages. I had just paid for my renewal subscription, and they promptly refunded my money which I was glad for. I also feel badly for all the people who lost their jobs due to its folding.
There are other mags, such as Elle Decor. However, I get sick of looking at homes, furnishings, and design I could never replicate, let alone afford. With Domino, I could at least find comparable items at Target, TJMaxx Home Store, Goodwill, yard sales, and Antique shops. And more importantly, the homes and style showcased in Domino were more practical and realistic for the majority of us than Elle Decor and the like. I was able to get decorating ideas that are practical…*sigh*… what ever shall I do now?

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