real life test kitchen: chocolate-banana snack cake

I love the combination of chocolate and banana, so when I saw this recipe for Chocolate-Banana Snack Cake in my Cooking Light Magazine, I immediately added it my file of “must-make” desserts. I then promptly forgot about it. Lucky for me, while sifting through my box of recipes looking for a good one to use up some overripe bananas, I found it again! The super simple batter comes together in a matter of minutes and the final results are delicious. Mine seemed to cook through in just 30 minutes (the recipe gives a 40-minute cooking time), so be sure to start checking your cake for doneness early. It’s great dusted with a bit of confectioners’ sugar, but I think I might try this recipe as the base for a layer cake. The texture was light and smooth and I know it would be fantastic coated with my heavenly chocolate frosting. Click here for the recipe. –Erica P.

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Angela M.

Would this work for cupcakes, ya think?

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Hi, I tried your cake recipe few hours ago but somehow couldn’t achieve the same result as you, my cake really wasn’t looking that good (atleast it tasted good). What kind of chocolate do you use? Maybe it’s coming from the flour I used, i’m gluten intelorant so I used chickpea flour instead of normal wheat flour.