this printed map is quite absorbing

Other than hanging a vintage map on the wall, I can’t imagine the last time I used the once commonplace paper product. With the advent of sites like MapQuest and the increase in personal GPS devices, it seems the printed map has fallen by the wayside. Or has it? The well-known mapmakers at Rand McNally weren’t ready to throw in the towel. In fact, they’ve printed a map right on the towel! FabMAPs are mini microfiber, waterproof maps perfect for cleaning eyewear, computer screens, or cell phones. The company has developed about 25 maps so far for places like New York, Las Vegas, and Seattle. Each map highlights points of interest, restaurants and hotels. Pick one up on the Rand McNally site for just $5.95. –Erica P.

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This is pretty smart. I can see staying in a hotel and grabbing a towel on my way out the door when I’m ready for sightseeing.