five things we learned last week


1. When it comes to laundry tips, mother-in-law knows best. Erin posted this helpful tip on How To Get Whites Whiter Without Ruining Colors: “One scoop of Oxy clean powder and one scoop of Tide powder – mix with warm water in a bucket and let them soak in there for a few days. It’s like a miracle. My mother in law gave me this recipe. I resurrected old baby clothes with set-in stains from 4 years ago this way, it was amazing, they look like brand new again and the colors are still brilliant.” Thanks Erin! We’ll give it a try.

2. Decorating our office spaces can be more difficult than our homes.
As J says: “I’ve worked in cube farms all of my adult life. About the only way to personalize the space is to bring in all sorts of tchozkies, which really just ends up looking like clutter.” Tell us how you decorate your work space, here.

3. We hate it when our beloved shelter magazines fold, especially when we just paid for a subscription to them! As Katie wrote about the sad folding of Domino: “I just got my subscription thing in the mail yesterday, I went on the site, paid for 2 years, then went to msnbc where this story was posted. D’oh! Oh well. Maybe they can use my money to start up again someday.”

4. We miss the all the cleaning products that Restoration Hardware used to stock. Krissy wrote: “Oh, I so miss all the neat cleaning products and weird things they use to have at Restoration Hardware. That store has really changed. It is a shame.” Read about one of our favorite, hard-to-find cleaning products here.

5. You can turn a cake recipe into a cupcake recipe by simply decreasing the baking time. Uyek wrote: “As for cooking time, they’re done when the tops are springy … usually 10 to 20 minutes, depending on size. I also check with a toothpick.” See more cupcake tips — especially for first birthdays! — here.

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What is Yide powder? Should that be Tide?


ha, I was thinking the same thing – “what is Yide?”. I have a 2nd baby on the way and want to give the old onesies and things a refresh —

Angela M.

Whoops! Sorry for the typo.


Glad it’s tide and not yide. Thought I was going to have to send off to Japan for some strange industrial powder from :) This is too easy, yeah!