cheeky valentine’s day gift

This time of year we always get a little sick of all the silly Valentine’s Day merch out there. Teddy bears hugging hearts, cupid-dotted boxer shorts, you know the stuff. That’s why this tea towel by Showpony on Julianna Grove Presents tickles our fancy. Not only is it NOT pink and red, it also provides our better halves with a gentle ribbing on their not-so-favorite chore. The letters of “do the dishes” are spelled out by a stack of dirty plates. Printed on fair-trade organic cotton, about $22 (give or take dollar to pound exchange). Click here to see more.

From our partners

I just love this and it would so work in my kitchen as I am for ever doing the dishes with little help from my other half but if I ask then he does help but leaving this for him to see would really be perfect