real life test kitchen: sloppy joe sliders

Okay, here’s a first. I forgot to take a photo of a dish I wanted to share with you! We are usually so diligent about whipping out our camera before taking that first bite of whatever I have just cooked. But at Iz’s birthday party the other weekend, I just plum forgot. Honestly, I found being a hostess and a mom at the same time quite a challenge. Normally I’m the kind of gal who runs around and makes sure that everyone has a fresh drink in her hands, but on that Sunday, I found myself on the floor playing with our adorable girl most of the time. Hopefully people didn’t feel too neglected. Luckily, I did manage to whip up some tasty bites, namely sloppy joe sliders from Everyday Food. This is a pretty straightforward recipe — but it called for two things that really made the dish unique: mustard powder and a touch of cider vinegar. They really gave the beef some kick! I could NOT find mini buns like the ones in the photo anywhere, so I opted for hot dog buns cut into neat thirds instead. No one seemed to notice. I highly recommend this dish the next time you are serving a crowd, but skip the mini buns. Big ones would be better, because everyone wanted seconds! — Angela M.

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I’m sure nobody was offended that you were more mom than hostess. After all, they say the first birthday party is for the parents more than it’s for the child!

Mary T

I have been craving these all day, and it’s only 11 a.m.!

Whole Foods sells a small bun perfect for sliders.
Also, I sometimes do them with the dough you pop open on the side of a countertop. The mini burgers look cute on them and I make them along with pigs in the blanket. Great for kiddy parties.

Wow! Those look and sound so good. I’ll have to try.