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I have a thing for anthropomorphized food — add arms, legs, a face, and I’m just a sucker for it. This explains my obvious love for Cakespy, a delightful combo platter of watercolor illustrations by Jessie Oleson and the delicious real-life food she loves. You can buy Jessie’s work in her Etsy shop, and it is ridiculously cute and a little insane (I mean that in a good way). Zombies chasing a cupcake? A robot and cupcake in love? Hey, why not? They’re irresistible. (And how much do I love her nod to Picasso, above?) And guess what — there’s a Valentine’s Day-themed giveaway going on a Cakespy right now. Sweet! –Mary T.

P.S. Don’t forget we’re having a Valentine’s Day giveaway of our own.

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Jessi is the best. Love her artwork!

That is a rather cake-a-licious cake

Wow What a beautiful Picture. Brilliant, Jessie you are great. I appreciate your art.