for the love of chocolate: a perfect knife

As the daughter of former chocolatiers, I often try to replicate my parents’ secret and famous rum truffle recipe for my valentines. (They are leaving it to me in their will, so I can’t share it yet.) I usually start with Trader Joe’s 1 lb plus Belgian Chocolate Blocks, which are thick and hard to maneuver. That’s why I’m lusting after this chocolate knife and hammer set from Berti, a family company that has produced handmade cutlery in the Tuscan countryside since 1895. I think these would get the job done beautifully. At Unica Home, $572. –Holly D.

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“As the daughter of former chocolatiers…”

You say it so casually! Oh, what I would give… :)

holly donaldson

It was fun while it lasted (18 years) but way too caloric!