“excuse me, i believe you have my stapler”

Ever since I first saw the movie Office Space, I’ve wanted a red Swingline stapler for my desk. According to the trusted (Yeah, right!) Wikipedia site, the company received so many requests for the red stapler from fans of the movie, they added it to their product line. Well, folks, for the first time in years, my stapler allegiance has shifted. I now covet this solid wood version I first spotted at Mighty Goods. I love the clean lines and simple design, and the use of wood, of course — unexpected and a tad whimsical. –Erica P.

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Hi! Have you ever see the orange swingline stapler at cb2.com? It is the only regular size orange stapler I have ever seen. Just thought you might enjoy it. :)

Ah yes, my red Swingline has been a faithful office companion since 2002 or so. I love the look of the wood one, but I have to say that once you’re used to the effective performance (no jams, solid stapling power) of those all-metal Swingline 747s it is hard to switch.

Apparently I am a stapler snob!