if you’re thirsty for soda, try dry

I’m proud that Dry Soda is a local Seattle company, but even more excited that you can now find it virtually all over the continental U.S. or, if you prefer, buy it online. What’s so special about it? Well, personally, I love carbonated drinks, but not all the sweeteners. Dry Soda has a, dare I say, sophisticated flavor — but still quite tasty! — heavy on the refreshment but not heavy on sweetness. They’re flavored with natural fruit, flower or herb extracts and a small amount of pure cane sugar. (No high-fructose corn syrup.) And the flavors are something special — I’ve had Lavender, Lemongrass, Kumquat and Rhubarb, and I love them all. And they’ve just introduced two new flavors — Vanilla Bean and Juniper Berry. So next time you need to wet your whistle, I encourage to go Dry. –Mary T.

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New flavors! Ooooooo! I need to start using these in cocktails.


A friend of mine brought over a case for a party recently and I love the rhubarb!