much easier to hang than a new mirror

Whether you’ve moved into a new house and inherited something that’s not your style, or rent a place that doesn’t allow you to make permanent changes, MirrorMate Frames could help you make things more personal. The concept is simple and cool — they’re frame pieces that you snap onto the mirror to change its look without even taking it off the wall. I have a few samples in front of me, and they are great quality — I confess I feared they’d be a little plastic-y, and they’re not. They’re made of fiberboard, but they feel substantial without feeling heavy and they look every bit as nice as frames you’d get at your local frame store. A couple of the finishes would do up a Hollywood Regency-inspired room quite nicely, and there are some nice, simple modern looks too. The frames are sold by the linear square foot — you can view a price chart here — and the company says that typical mirror frame costs are between $109 and $198. See for yourself (including a video of a frame installation) at the MirrorMate site. –Mary T.

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My local Lowes sells something similar for a lot less– maybe $45-$50 to do a large mirror. The side pieces and corners are sold seperately and come in only a few colors and styles. (Including fancy scrollworked corners and beveled mirrors). I used a cherry finish for one bathroom and white for another and love the results.

Tiffany S.

These are a GREAT solution to those boring old mirrors. Amazing that such a small detail can update a room but they really do!

Amazing! I’ve been scheming up a way to do this myself… Now I can just use MirrorMate! Wow. That sounded like a late-night infomercial! LOL