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Living walls have gone to the masses and frankly, I’m psyched. When I saw that Smith & Hawken is now offering a version of a vertical garden, I sighed with contentment. The trend is catching on and that means I’ll find an affordable option in no time. I’ve been dying for a living wall in my own little urban space since I first saw them. Not sure what I’m talking about? Environmental Graffiti has a great roundup of some much larger scale projects to get you excited. Then, check out the photo gallery at ELT Easy Green of some living walls in everyday spaces. I dare you not to want your own! –Erica P.

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The Smith & Hawkin wall is sold out!!!! Bleh!


I’ve admired this idea since I first heard of it a few years ago… I’d love to having living “paintings” in my home… a wonderful alternative to pots full of houseplants cluttering up the horizontal surfaces.


I think it’s good that it’s sold out, maybe that will spur not only Smith & Hawken to order more, but other companies to produce competing products.

Mary T

Sprout, check the links that Erica supplied. I’m betting there’s a simple DIY or two in there.


Here is another company that offers living wall systems.

I always dreamt of making a garden on the wall.


“I’m betting there’s a simple DIY or two in there.”

Rain gutter on brackets does this, and if closely spaced, could give much the same effect with mature plants. Alaskans use this along deck railings, for example, to grow small greens.

Megan B

My neighbor had those cool staghead ferns growing vertically all over the exterior of our apartment building. They were amazing- and they looked very easy to take care of. That may be an easy way to do it too!

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Check out photographer Ron van Dongen’s garden at And while there, do not miss his photos – sooo beautiful they almost make me cry (yes, because they are beautiful and because I can’t afford them!).

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