five things we learned last week


1) A surprisingly high number of you don’t have microwaves, but all of you have opinions about them. Laura says: “We haven’t had one for almost 10 years for a number of reasons. 1) food doesn’t taste as good and nothing gets crunchy (we use a small toaster oven to do small reheats) 2) it would make us lazy when cooking in the kitchen 3) don’t totally trust that they’re okay. I figure we get enough of the unknown from our cell phones.” What do you think?

2) Removing a price sticker isn’t just good for aesthetics; it’s good for family harmony.
Julie says: “Here in MI, it is law that items have to have the price labeled – so so annoying. Especially before my parents come to visit and I’m in the fridge peeling off prices so my Dad won’t say ‘you’re paying THIS much for organic milk!!'” See the easy way to remove them here.

3) Sometimes we like cauliflower best when it’s barely there. Tracey says: “I added cauliflower to a chicken/rice/broccoli bake I made last night, and you are right, add enough cheese and other goodies, and the cauliflower fades away!” Read about making your own mac n cheese n cauliflower.

4) Our parents sometimes have the coolest stuff.
Tiffany S says: “My mother has ‘Museum’ spelled out in butterflies under glass, but I think it’s falling apart. So sad. Where would you find a butterfly restorer?” Any suggestions for Tiffany? See the beautiful butterfly cabinet here.

5) The love for living walls is growing. DJ Says: “I’ve admired this idea since I first heard of it a few years ago… I’d love to have living ‘paintings’ in my home… a wonderful alternative to pots full of houseplants cluttering up the horizontal surfaces.” See Erica’s roundup of living walls here.

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