kinda genius: grindenstein knockbox

As a home espresso enthusiast (coffee geek), it has been a bit of a challenge to find accessories that are not only functional, but also attractive. The item giving us the most problems has been the knockbox, an espresso essential for knocking your tightly packed espresso “pucks” after they are brewed. Our first knockbox was small and attractive, but couldn’t hold up to the constant thwack of the portafilter (brewing basket). We bought a sturdy commercial model, but it was bulky and took up way too much of our precious counter space. Thankfully, Australian design firm Dreamfarm has brought us the fabulous Grindenstein knockbox, designed to be stored directly beneath the portafilter of a home espresso machine when not in use, thus eliminating our counter clutter issue. Plus, it’s impossibly sturdy, super cute, dishwasher safe, and affordable to boot! The grindenstein is available in six colors (our favorite being that hot red) for $19.95. –Megan B.

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I have one of these, bought after I got an espresso machine for my birthday. Alas, it’s been sitting in a box for six months while we’ve been on vacation and in the process of moving.
I didn’t realise it was supposed to be stored in the machine, thanks.