first blush: a cabernet for teetotalers

We’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately, so to speak, and it’s been really fun to try all of the delicious non-alcoholic alternatives out there. Recently, we picked up a couple of bottles of First Blush, made from unfermented varietals of traditional wine grapes like cabernet, syrah, and chardonnay. We tried the syrah juice and the cabernet white, which is 50% juice and 50% white tea. The results? We really enjoyed the syrah — it was very sweet and rich, without that tart pucker you come to expect from concord grape juice. My favorite was the cabernet white, which was both lighter in texture (and lower calorie!) and more refreshing. I also felt that the tannins in the tea lent a wine-like dryness that was pretty awesome! Find your own First Blush here. –Megan B.

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Oooo… the white sounds fantastic!