duct tape diy: chair seat quick fix

My dad was one of those men who firmly believed that everything could be fixed with duct tape (often much to the chagrin of my mother). So I must have been channeling him the other day when I busted out a couple of rolls and covered one of my fraying, cat-scratched rattan dining chairs with the stuff. It could have come out looking really bad, but I’m quite pleased with the result, especially the menswear-inspired contrasting stripe. In fact, I’m going to do the other three like this, but I may change up the colors a bit. I think my dad would have been impressed. What do you think? –Megan B.

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Sorry. Looks tacky :(


For a quick fix until you find just the right material or replace the chair altogether, it’s pretty awesome!

Tacky? More like totally creative. Love it. Way to make a chair function again with something that most people have in their home! Love it.

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Jan Penn

As the person who had to cope with the duct tape being used to hold the motor home’s transmission together, I say yay! for using duct tape in such a useful and imaginative way. But as your mother, I’ve always known that you were very very imaginative and smart! (In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m not Jan–I’m your mother!)

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I’m going to have to steal the pattern you created and make them out of wool fabric I’ve salvaged from large cashmere coats. I knew I’d been saving this stuff for something! Thanks for sharing.