i tried caulk singles

I’d been meaning to try Caulk Singles for awhile now — I got a sample last year when they first hit the market. So over the weekend I decided to give one of the 1.25 fl. oz. packages a try, caulking the line where our bathtub meets the floor. One tube would have done the job if the space had been a little more narrow — the Caulk Singles site gives you guidelines on how many packages you’ll need for a typical job. The package was easy to open, the caulk dispensed easily, and it stayed fresh when I closed it up overnight with a bit of tape. But the very nature of the Caulk Singles package is, of course, that you won’t need to go to the same lengths as you do to keep a large tube of caulk fresh, because one application and it’s all gone. The packages press flat, resulting in much less waste than the kind of caulk that requires a gun. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was a little harder to control the dispensing size — tearing off the top means you pretty much take what you get — so I did a lot of touching up in spots where the bead of caulk was much thicker than I’d have liked. Still, it’s a convenient product I will probably try again. Get them for $2 each at Lowe’s. –Mary T.

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I’ve been wondering about these. Thanks for the report!


Wonder if those thingies from the TV commercials would help smooth out the uneven caulk flow. You know, those squares where each corner is a different size of caulk smoother? Our shower needs recaulking way too often, and my husband thinks one of those would revolutionize his life. Of course, we haven’t tried it yet.


Those smoother things really work. Even with a regular caulk gun my bead is not always even.