five things we learned last week

1) Decorating inspiration really is everywhere. Rebecca liked the TV dinner cocktail napkins so much, she says: “How great would it be to frame one of these and put it in a funky retro kitchen?” Cute idea! See them here.

2) We’re not the only ones who love Tillamook cheese. Caroline says: “My grandma was originally from Oregon, so she’d always bring us back large bricks of the sharp cheddar when she returned from a visit. It’s almost impossible to find in Maine now, though, and expensive to ship. I suppose I can drool from afar!” See the sandwiches we love here.

3) You too want an easier way to caulk. Daffodil says: “Wonder if those thingies from the TV commercials would help smooth out the uneven caulk flow. You know, those squares where each corner is a different size of caulk smoother? Our shower needs recaulking way too often, and my husband thinks one of those would revolutionize his life.” Have you tried Caulk Singles?

4) Duct tape as decor has fans and foes. When Megan B did a duct tape quick fix on one of her chairs, Deb said, “Sorry. Looks tacky. :(” Cessie, however, says: “Tacky? More like totally creative. Love it. Way to make a chair function again with something that most people have in their home!”

5) You’re growing a lot more for Earth Day than plants. Sarah says: “Earth Day happens to be my due date, so I may be having a baby that day. If not, I plan to plan some seeds with my daughter and go to our local organic garden’s celebration.” Congrats, Sarah! And thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions on how to celebrate Earth Day — which we’re doing by giving away some goodies from Seventh Generation — click here!

Photo by A Dewitz

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