real life test kitchen: the rainbow cake

Have you seen the rainbow cake at Omnomicom and this one by Anony Mouse in the “Goons with Spoons” forum? Shelterrific friend Cassie Hunt did. She decided to make a sheet cake version, and we thought it would be a perfect salute to Earth Day — subject-matter-wise, at least. Thanks, Cassie!

I made the cake at night and told my daughters Ruby and Violet that the Easter Bunny made it for them. My only suggestion is to use a smaller pan (like the 8 inch round ones). I ended up using a 13X9, and the pan was too big to get the full effect of the rainbow. However, when I cut into it, Ruby actually SQUEALED with delight and said, “Look, look, it’s a rainbow!” –Cassie Hunt

Here are the recipes if you want to try yourself! (Note that Omnomicom came up with a fat-free version, so if you don’t want to add diet soda to your recipe, follow Anony Mouse’s directions at Goons with Spoons instead.)
Omnomicom’s fat-free rainbow cake
Anony Mouse’s original rainbow cake

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While it looks amazing, I wonder how it tastes? I can usually taste food coloring in cakes, and can’t enjoy the popular “red velvet” cake for that reason…


Yikes. Looks like a lot of work! Mom always made “rainbow jello cakes” for birthdays. You basically just poke holes in a vanilla cake, pour different colored unset Jello on top and then top with Cool Whip.


I’ve made it twice. Once the diet version, once just using cake mix & coloring. Both times it was a huge success. In fact my aunt asked me to make her one for her birthday.

The diet cake is a little bland, but if you’re dieting & wanting cake, it’s fabulous.

Following normal cake directions, it tastes like cake. You really can’t tell the difference.

I used the gel food coloring and the colors are so vibrant.

Tiffany S.

Adorable! So brilliant “admitting” that the Easter Bunny made it for them!

Wow, very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


I tried this out last night! It came out SO CUTE, until the top layer slid off & onto the kitchen floor. I didn’t hear it happen, but the dogs did and had wolfed down about 1/2 the top layer by the time I caught them. The bottom 1/2 was delicious. : )