we found affordable modern, floating house numbers — at home depot!

While shopping at our local Home Depot the other day, we stumbled upon these modern floating house numbers for $5.99 each! I found no info about purchasing them on the Home Depot website, but the manufacturer is Perfect Home. Other folks online have commented that they are also available at Lowe’s, and you can learn more (including SKU numbers for ordering them) in the Live Modern forums. You can choose to mount the numbers flush to the wall, or use enclosed screws for a “floating” effect that casts a shadow. The packaging also serves as a mounting template, and the instructions seem pretty straightforward — even I can install them, I’m sure. I’m really glad I found these; now I can finally take down the hideous stick-on numbers from the front door! –Megan B.

For more house number inspiration, click here.

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Those letters rock. We snagged them last year yet they continue to sit and gather dust in our room full of pending projects. The other cool thing is that they look nearly identical to the ones sold by Design Within Reach.(http://pachamamahouse.blogspot.com/2008/07/week-1-ready-set-greenovate.html)

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We installed these – got them at OSH. Be very careful and drill the hole exactly the same size and be careful with the positioning. We thought that we could “stretch” the screw over a little when installing them and we ended up snapping off a bunch of screws. They do look fantastic now that they’re up!