more fun with window film

After reading about Mary’s recent budget dining room makeover, I was totally inspired by her use of stick-on window film. Our sliding glass doors in our kitchen were in dire need of some added privacy, and the nasty vertical blinds that came with the house were slowly killing my soul. I had seen some cool modern window cling privacy film before, but we needed a larger size and our budget was pretty meager. Then I found Most of it is not my cup of tea, but I think the design we chose works really well with the ’60s-ranch-meets-modern look we’re trying to accomplish. We were able to cover both sliding glass doors in 20 minutes for $120. –Megan B.

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Tiffany S.


Love it! This would be perfect for those of us in urban areas that want the light but not the view. Do you lose a lot of light with these coverings?

megan b

To answer your question tyna, no. And that was exactly why we went this route- plus I just couldn’t imagine floor to ceiling (almost) fabric curtains in the kitchen- I wanted clean and bright, yet private.


Tracing paper also works well if you are on a tighter budget….you can buy a large roll for about 10$ and measure to size. We did a bunch of our windows this way here in Brooklyn and it’s worked great.


This is a stellar idea – and for a kitchen where paper would probably attract oil and/or moisture from cooking fumes, the film is a very good option.

I used parchment in a bathroom window in my first apartment, but the steam caused it to disintegrate fairly quickly. It was a good temporary solution, but the film would be a more long term fix.


Other Great Sources for window film are Artscape Inc. ( and also Discounted Window Films. ( You should check us out.


Great idea!!!

What size are the doors in the picture above as well as the window film size you ordered? The reason I am asking is because I am looking for the exact square design, but am concerned that if the film size is not exact to the door size, it may need to be trimmed which will cut off a portion of the squares vertically.

Please advise and many thanks for your guidance.