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I love taking my laptop outside to work, but it’s difficult to do so when the sun is so bright I can’t see my screen. (Yes, I know — it sounds like a terrible problem to have!) I heard about laptop shades when I first started working from home, and yet here I am, two years later, and I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing one. This one from CompuShade is about $30. Here’s another from Your Mobile Desk that has a slightly different shape. Here’s yet another, but no word on where it can be purchased. Have you used a laptop shade? Any reviews on how they work? –Mary T.

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I’m confused… this seems to go against the shelterrific ethos. It is a very simple design, so why wouldn’t you just make your own? Buying a brand new piece of plastic isn’t very green.

Free version

take one cardboard box (size of laptop, or reduce to fit)
cut one side away
cover with decorative paper (optional)
place over laptop
clip a couple of clothes pegs to cut edge near screen to prevent tipping
pour a glass or cup of your favorite brew and enjoy the sunshine

Mary T

Okay, okay — you’ve shamed me into it! ; ) I will try the make-my-own version and report back to you how it works. (And I am excited that Judy of the Woods is reading our site!)

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I can’t believe how many nasty comments this one got. I thought it was a great idea:

Mary T.

I did make a shade pretty much like the one you linked to, Jessica. It wasn’t pretty but it did the job. But it looked so bad I never did a follow-up post. I’ll have to try again and make it a little prettier.