want it now: a modern fire pit

As the weather gets more and more pleasant, my thoughts tend to stray outside the four walls and into the great outdoors — especially as the owner of a yard for the first time. I’d love to make s’mores and hobo pies with my loved ones around this fabulous modern iron Font O’ Fire pit, hand forged by artist John T. Unger. It starts at $500 with shipping for the smallest model — fair for a piece of art that is beautifully functional.

Another option that is more within my budget is this Fire Sense HotSpot Square Fire Pit for $179 at Sears. I like its boxy simplicity — different than most fire pits you’ll find out there in this price range for sure!

Another drool-inducing option is the stainless steel Terra Fire Basket by Blomus, but it’s almost too pretty to leave outside. Does anyone else have any suggestions? –Megan B.

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You could do what we did — dig a hole in the yard and line it with rocks. :D

Megan B

That’s so funny you mention it Llyra, because our friend just suggested the same thing!

I wish our HOA would allow it… if we ever own a house.


Check out this site’s fire pits: http://www.firepitsguru.com/.

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