i tried pepsi natural

A few years ago, I was struggling with a bad addiction to caffeinated, high fructose corn syrup-laden carbonated beverages — most notably Coke and Pepsi. Quitting that stuff was the hardest thing I’ve ever quit, seriously. Occasionally, I still crave those sweet, fizzy delights and indulge, but only in a cane sugar-sweetened Coke or Pepsi from Mexico (which still has other naughty stuff in it, like artificial flavors). How delighted was I to see Pepsi Natural on the shelf at Target the other day? With its cane sugar and all-natural kola nut extract tempting me, of course I immediately imbibed, but with restraint — this is a “classy” soda after all. The carbonation wasn’t as aggressive as most colas I’ve tried, and the cola flavor itself was much more subdued and earthy than regular Pepsi. Delicious and different, indeed — but thankfully not addicting! –Megan B.

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I liked it. I wouldn’t stock it in my fridge but it’s a nice change from other sodas.

Healthier but probably still addictive since it still contains caffeine…

i just tried it this weekend too! i liked it as well-