these pear terrariums are the apple of my eye

I still haven’t exactly honed my green thumb (read: I even kill cacti) but I’ve heard that keeping plants in a terrarium is an especially easy method for keeping them alive. At least I’ll be less likely to let them dry out. I think one of these pear-shaped Recycled Glass Terrariums from Viva Terra would look especially cool on a kitchen window ledge. At $49 they’re a little pricey, but if it will keep me from killing a plant every other month, then it practically pays for itself. –Erica P.

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I really like this product. I’ll be purchasing a terrarium as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom – but I might cave in and get one for myself as well :) Thanks for sharing!

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Kelly O

I found something very similiar for much cheaper at Air Plant Design Studio, and I really like the way they sell it in a kit. I love the Viva Terra ones but these look a little more unique.